Eton Centris Sunday Market – Organic Manila

If you’re an expat staying long-term in Manila and are looking for organic produce (as well as cooked food), you will enjoy an early Sunday morning trip to Eton Centris. It’s the new site of the Sidcor Sunday Market, and is designed to serve the surrounding upscale neighborhoods and condominiums in Quezon City and San Juan.  We see many expats here – most of them working in Ayala Tecbohub and living around the Timog area. This weekly pop-up market is clean and well maintained. The vendors are carefully chosen, and those that label their stores ‘organic’ have passed regulatory inspections. The Picky Tourist team has agreed to share pictures to give you an idea what goodies you can find here.

Free-range, grass-fed organic meats from Batangas

Organic vegetables - and they're not expensive at all!

Himalayan salt

Prepared gourmet cheeses (from "The Backyard Chef")

Organic chips and churros

Prepared fish dishes - freeze and microwave

Organic eggs from native chickens

Organic blueberries. You can add them to your oatmeal to get a daily dose of antioxidants.

Organic potatoes

Locally made cheeses - mozarella, ricotta, local "kesong puti"

Locally made yogurt

Carabao meet - "tapang kalabaw"

Carabao milk

All kinds of exotic and medicinal teas - soursop, maluggay, etc.

Personal care products - from lotions to oils

Organic cosmetics, lip balms, etc.

Organic body butters

You will also find organic cleaners and even pet food here. Come my early, as the market disappears by 2pm. There are plenty of food kiosks to choose from for lunch! It’s really fun to sit on little plastic tools and swig carrot juice with some local empanadas.

This Sunday Market is located in the Eton Centris parking lot. There’s an entrance from EDSA and from Quezon Avenue. Ask the cab to take you there if you don’t dare drive around Manila. It’s a few minutes from the villages around UP and Ateneo and is a stone’s throw from TriNoMa as well as the upscale condominiums along Mindanao Avenue and the Timog / Scout area.

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